Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 670 : Melakar Blog

11 Things Men Should Know About Women

Not mean like sulk, but just want pampering and attention. When a woman says she is sad but not crying, it means that she was crying in the liver.

Not mean 'fussy' uncertain future, sometimes to men according to what he said once in a while. Include only what they are capable of, but remember as long as you do not know do not complain about ... this can exacerbate the condition.

Like a piece of silk, beautiful, smooth, soft and easily torn and tattered. Although a woman to forgive another person for the offense, usually a woman will remember the offense is to be kept so teaching ... not revenge.

Honest woman need not doubt. All women want a man who loves their whole-hearted and honest man should love woman. In conclusion, never doubted the sincerity of a woman who truly love you.

Women like if occasional surprise loved ones by giving gifts, flowers or just a romantic greeting cards. They will feel overwhelmed and feel that they loved my sincere heart. With this, she will not doubt you.

Always observe the surroundings in silence. Women are also easy to fall in love in men who are concerned with are constantly concerned about them and good for her.

Although she is a woman who can be independent, their instincts still remain a woman. Like pampering not only to people who called men, but also with others such as friends or family.

Women who are too fond lover willing to push ego aside when faced with a loved one. This is because when a man who liked stared hard into his eyes, he will melt like chocolate! But it should be noted, that when the level of patience challenged, you will regret for life. They will start to search for better ones when they don’t feel your love. Chances are not giving often so when they are not feeling the love that they once gave to you, they will pay attention to people who treat them better.

The first love of a woman is most in and sincere. When the man she loved the first time insecretly gave positive reactions, such as contact by telephone, the girls will be indifferentas if not interested. First love has an impact on the life of women.

Never EVER compare them with your ex-girlfriend. It’s best to avoid talking about your ex because she may think that you still miss/love them. Of course it’s a different case if she is concerned  about your previous relationship.