Tuesday, January 03, 2012

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Footwear Basics

Buying the perfect pair of shoes is really a trick task. There is no one best shoes, and every occasion calls for a different need. Here are some basics rule that you should know!

Do Try Them On
- While it's easy to assume that a particular shoe size is the same for all store, it is necessary to try on the pair. There's no point buying a gorgeous pair only to find that it pinches your toes and crams your feet. Take time to try your picks thoroughly before you walk them out of the shop.

Always Go For Comfort
- Don't allow for a 'breaking' in period. Shoes should always be comfortable the moment, when you first wear them.

Pick The Right Style
- For career women who spend most of their time in or out of the office, it's important to have pairs of shoes. One pairs of heel for a fancy affair, and another pair of flats.